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Renegade Veracruz

2024 Renegade Veracruz

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The 2024 Renegade Veracruz sets a new standard for luxury and performance in the Class C diesel motorhome segment. Boasting a Ford F550 4X4 XLT chassis, the 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel B20 engine develops 330 horsepower and a staggering 825 lb-ft of torque, ensuring robust performance across any terrain. Customers at McKee RV, Iowa’s best Renegade RV dealer, are impressed with the Veracruz’s aerodynamic fiberglass front and four-point hydraulic leveling system that can be controlled via an app, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.

Inside, the Veracruz doesn’t skimp on luxury, offering a range of interior décor options, solid surface countertops, and premium vinyl flooring. Entertainment is delivered through a 39” Smart LED TV and a soundbar home theater, ensuring you stay entertained no matter where you are. With its detailed craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled comfort, the 2024 Renegade Veracruz is both capable and classy.

2024 Renegade Veracruz Colors

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2024 Renegade Veracruz Floorplans

The living area in the 2024 Renegade Veracruz is crafted to blend luxury, comfort, and practicality, ensuring a homey environment on the move. This space is designed to create a welcoming atmosphere where travelers can relax, dine, or entertain. Soft touch sofas that double as slide-a-bed sleepers and a soft touch booth dream dinette that converts into additional sleeping space offer comfortable seating and versatile functionality. The inclusion of pull-out storage drawers under the dinette booth seats maximizes space utility without compromising aesthetics. The folks at the Renegade Veracruz dealer point out that attention to detail is evident in the deluxe padded vinyl ceiling, which enhances the interior’s feel, and the solid surface tabletops add a touch of elegance. The living area is a convergence of design and comfort, tailored to enrich the travel experience with every mile.

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Iowa Renegade Interior

The kitchen in the 2024 Renegade Veracruz offers a harmonious blend of functionality and style, designed to elevate the cooking experience on the road. It’s equipped with a 19 cubic-foot residential refrigerator with an icemaker, ensuring ample space for ingredients and refreshments. The recessed 2-burner electric induction cooktop alongside a stainless steel convection microwave oven caters to a variety of cooking needs, from simple meals to gourmet dishes. Polished solid surface countertops provide a durable and easy-to-clean preparation area, while the decorative backsplash with metallic accents adds a touch of elegance. The kitchen also features a stonecast deep bowl sink with solid surface covers, making cleanup a breeze. This combination of high-end appliances, ample storage, and sophisticated design makes the Veracruz’s kitchen a delight for casual and serious chefs alike.

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When it comes to rest and relaxation, the bedrooms in the Veracruz model don’t disappoint. Options for a king or queen bed featuring iRelax memory foam mattresses promise a restful sleep after a day of adventure. The designer bedspread with accent pillows and a padded headboard add a layer of luxury and comfort. For convenience and organization, bedroom configurations include a dresser and nightstand with solid surface tops, varying by floor plan. The space is further enhanced by soft-touch driver/passenger seats and deluxe padded vinyl ceilings, creating a cozy, inviting environment. With these thoughtful features, the bedrooms in the Veracruz are designed as serene retreats that offer both comfort and functionality.

2024 Renegade Veracruz Interior