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2024 Coachmen RV Lineup

Founded in 1964, Coachmen RV has established itself as a leading manufacturer of RV products in the United States. Over the years, Coachmen has set the standard for quality, reliability, and value in the RV industry, offering a diverse range of products, including motorhomes, toy haulers, fifth wheels, travel trailers, destination trailers, and camping trailers. Renowned by customers at McKee RV, the Des Moines RV dealer, for its innovative designs and customer-focused approach, Coachmen RV is dedicated to the enhancement and enjoyment of the outdoor and camping experience for families across North America.



2024 Coachmen RV Beyond

The Beyond is a Class B Motorhome tailored for active lifestyles, offering excellent fuel efficiency with the reliability of Ford design. Its comfortable interior features luxurious seats and expansive frameless windows, providing a homey feel on the road. It’s built to deliver style and comfort wherever adventure calls.


2024 Coachmen RV Concord

The redesigned Concord Class C Motorhome combines a classic look with ease of driving and modern conveniences. According to the Des Moines Coachmen RV dealer, its updated design offers a unique and practical approach to comfortable RV living.

Cross Trail

2024 Coachmen RV Cross Trail

The Cross Trail is an environmentally friendly Class C motorhome designed for versatility and accessibility, allowing you to venture where larger RVs can’t go. It offers exceptional exterior storage to equip you for any adventure.


2024 Coachmen RV Encore

The Encore Class A Motorhome is a luxurious and spacious gas RV with the quality of a premium diesel model at a more affordable price. It’s designed for endurance with 22.5-inch wheels with aluminum rims, a fiberglass roof, and a host of modern conveniences for a comfortable and relaxing experience.


2024 Coachmen RV Entourage

The 2024 Coachmen Entourage, a Super C motorhome, stands out with its robust 4X4 capability and diesel efficiency. It’s designed for the adventurous who want comfort and power, with a rugged towing hitch and a suite of power options.


2024 Coachmen RV Freelander

The Coachmen Freelander is crafted for new and seasoned RV enthusiasts. It’s packed with numerous factory-installed features that deliver exceptional value and reliable quality at an economical price. This Class C Motorhome balances style, functionality, and value, leading its class in sales for over ten years.


2024 Coachmen RV Galleria

The Galleria fuses the legacy of Mercedes’ innovation with Coachmen’s reputation for quality, resulting in a Class B Motorhome that provides luxury and value. It features a powerful yet efficient Mercedes Sprinter turbodiesel engine. The Galleria boasts high-quality components such as an Onan generator and exquisite Amish-crafted maple cabinetry.


2024 Coachmen RV Leprechaun

The Leprechaun Class C Motorhome combines durability with luxury, offering aluminum frames, Azdel Superlite walls, and an array of standard features like a backup camera and a 50-gallon freshwater tank. Its interior is richly appointed with upgraded furniture and cabinetry.


2024 Coachmen RV Mirada

The Mirada Class A Motorhome sets a new standard for on-the-road luxury with many features that elevate comfort and style. Designed with the passenger experience at the forefront, the Mirada’s interior is crafted to feel more like a home than a vehicle, with plush seating, ample space, and a warm ambiance.


2024 Coachmen RV Nova

The Coachmen Nova introduces fresh innovation to the Class B range, emphasizing quality and value. Built on a robust Ram Pro Master 3500 extended chassis, it’s equipped with contemporary amenities and practical innovations, providing a reliable and technologically advanced construction.


2024 Coachmen RV Prism

The Prism Class C Motorhome offers luxury, practicality, and a Mercedes diesel chassis. It provides an upscale driving experience with exclusive features like solid surface countertops, a soft-touch ceiling, and residential flooring. Ample storage, both inside and out, LED lights, and a sleek fiberglass cap make it suitable for a variety of trips.


2024 Coachmen RV Pursuit

The Pursuit Class A Motorhome is designed to bring the comforts of home on the road, with new standard upgrades and added features for an even more comfortable and homey experience while traveling.

Sportscoach RD

2024 Coachmen RV Sportscoach RD

The Sportscoach is a Class A Motorhome offering the luxury and design of a Rear Diesel Pusher at an unmatched price. Built on a Freightliner chassis with air suspension and brakes, it boasts ample storage and a panoramic view. It’s fully equipped with home-like amenities, including a Corian kitchen countertop, a true flat-floor bedroom, and convenient storage solutions.

Sportscoach SRS

2024 Coachmen RV Sportscoach SRS

The Sportscoach SRS Class A Motorhome combines the smooth performance of a diesel pusher with spacious designs and plentiful amenities, complemented by attractive interiors and quality appliances at a surprisingly economical price.

Toy Haulers

Freedom Express Select

2024 Coachmen RV Freedom Express Select

The Freedom Express Select Travel Trailers offer lightweight luxury and popular floor plans in a cost-effective package, suitable for towing with midsize SUVs and half-ton vehicles.

Fifth Wheels


2024 Coachmen RV Brookstone

The Brookstone luxury fifth wheel is engineered for ease of use and functionality, offering top-tier towing capabilities and smart storage solutions. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it’s a fifth wheel that makes you feel at home, enhancing your love for outdoor adventures.


2024 Coachmen RV Chaparral

The Chaparral Mid-Profile Fifth Wheels are crafted for comfortable and adventurous travel, featuring spacious bedrooms, ample storage, and efficient aerodynamics for short weekends or extended trips. Their residential features and elegant interiors provide a domestic touch on the road.

Chaparral Light

2024 Coachmen RV Chaparral Light

The Chaparral Lite Fifth Wheel is built for RV enthusiasts who desire home comforts in a light package that’s towable by half-ton pickups. It combines aerodynamic design with lightweight construction for a natural towing experience. Featuring Alumicage build and Turn Tec Engineering, the Chaparral Lite’s variety of slide-out floor plans are tailored to exceed modern travelers’ expectations.

Travel Trailers


2024 Coachmen RV Adrenaline

The Adrenaline Toy Haulers cater to outdoor lovers with its lightweight build, advanced construction techniques, and a suite of standard features for the discerning traveler. With floor plans featuring exterior lengths ranging from 27 feet 5 inches to 36 feet 4 inches, there’s plenty of room for small toys like motorcycles and ATVs.

Apex Nano

2024 Coachmen RV Apex Nano

The Apex Nano is an ultra-lightweight travel trailer that’s towable by half-ton trucks, minivans, and SUVs, featuring eco-friendly construction with Azdel composite panels and a certified green build. Its intelligent design includes space-saving features like a functional Murphy bed and double-over-double bunks with storage underneath, ensuring comfort and convenience on the road.

Apex Ultra-Lite

2024 Coachmen RV Apex Ultra-Lite

The Apex Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer redefines the lightweight trailer with a focus on meticulous design, quality, and an exceptional user experience. They prioritize innovation and eco-friendly features, demanding high customer satisfaction to secure the Apex stamp of excellence.

Catalina Destination Series

2024 Coachmen RV Catalina Destination Series

The Catalina Deluxe Edition Destination Trailers feature five unique floor plans tailored to optimize space, storage, and comfort for those planning longer stays at their favorite spots. Reflecting Coachmen’s legacy of quality, these trailers are designed with the extended-stay camper in mind, ensuring a comfortable and convenient home away from home.

Catalina Expedition

2024 Coachmen RV Catalina Expedition

The Catalina Expedition Travel Trailers are engineered for limitless adventure, featuring a lightweight design ideal for off-grid experiences with advanced solar power and 12V features. They’re built with rugged tires and suspension to handle rough terrain, making them an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a blend of comfort and ruggedness.

Catalina Legacy Edition

2024 Coachmen RV Catalina Legacy Edition

The Coachmen Catalina Legacy Edition offers a diverse range of travel trailers that cater to various RVing needs, from casual weekend getaways to longer excursions. This brand is synonymous with reliability and affordability, presenting a wide array of options to fit any budget.

Catalina Summit Series 7

2024 Coachmen RV Catalina Summit Series 7

The Catalina Summit Series 7 Travel Trailers are built with superior materials for adventurers looking to enhance their camping without forgoing comfort. Expansive interior height and innovative layouts feel roomy yet are light enough to be towed by various vehicles. Six versatile floor plans provide affordable options for memorable camping experiences.

Catalina Summit Series 8

2024 Coachmen RV Catalina Summit Series 8

The Catalina Summit Series 8 Travel Trailers are crafted to be family-friendly and cost-effective, featuring seven diverse floor plans loaded with features to suit North American adventurers. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking value and variety.

Catalina Trail Blazer

2024 Coachmen RV Catalina Trail Blazer

The Catalina Trail Blazer, a new addition to the Catalina series, offers the practicality of a toy hauler with the comforts of a travel trailer. It comes with robust construction quality, including steel tie-downs, solid floors, and a full suite of living amenities. This model stands out with its optional party deck feature. It is available in two functional floor plans, the 19TH and 26TH, catering to those who want a versatile and amenity-rich RV experience.

Clipper 9000 Series & 12000 Series

2024 Coachmen RV Clipper 9000 Series & 12000 Series

The upcoming Coachmen Clipper 9000 and 12000 Series Travel Trailers are eco-friendly and lightweight. They come with LED lighting, linoleum floors, and a solar package with a 200-watt panel. Designed for comfort and utility, they have residential countertops, deep bowl sinks, and are prepped for off-grid adventures with solar and power conveniences.

Clipper Travel Trailers

2024 Coachmen RV

The award-winning Clipper Travel Trailers boast the most diverse lineup in the single-axle market with 11 floor plans, including five under 3,000 pounds. The 2024 models enhance this lineup with fuel-efficient designs, varied bed and bathroom configurations, and a unique 3-in-1 space-saver layout. The Clipper offers lightweight options for first-time buyers and larger tandem-axle models for those needing more space, all reflecting best-in-class quality.

Freedom Express Liberty Edition

2024 Coachmen RV Freedom Express Liberty Edition

The Freedom Express Liberty Edition Travel Trailers offer luxury and convenience in a lightweight package suitable for midsize SUVs and half-ton vehicles. They range from 28 to 35 feet with features like a Power Package and a Coleman camp grill for effortless setup and a safe, aerodynamic tow with the Stable-Ryd axle system. They feature vacuum bond laminated sidewalls and fiberglass exteriors.

Freedom Express Select

2024 Coachmen RV Freedom Express Select

The Freedom Express Select Travel Trailers provide an affordable luxury experience, with popular floor plans and a lightweight design, ideal to tow with midsize SUVs and half-ton vehicles.

Freedom Express Ultra Lite

2024 Coachmen RV Freedom Express Ultra Lite

The Freedom Express Ultra Lite Travel Trailers combine top floor plans and ultralight luxury in a cost-effective package, designed for easy towing with midsize SUVs and half-ton vehicles. These trailers feature vacuum-bond laminated sidewalls and Lami-Lux 1000 fiberglass exteriors for durability, with a variety of models from 18 to 28 feet to cater to individual or family travel needs.

Northern Spirit

2024 Coachmen RV Northern Spirit

The Northern Spirit Ultra Lite is engineered to enhance the camping experience by making it simpler and more enjoyable, focusing on user-friendly features like a bathroom laundry hamper, a hidden valuables space, and organized storage for camping essentials. This pet-friendly model features amenities like a Pet Center, Dog Wash, and an exterior leash clip.

Northern Spirit XTR

2024 Coachmen RV Northern Spirit XTR

The Northern Spirit Ultra Lite is engineered to enhance the camping experience by making it simpler and more enjoyable, focusing on user-friendly features like a bathroom laundry hamper, a hidden valuables space, and organized storage for camping essentials. This pet-friendly model features amenities like a Pet Center, Dog Wash, and an exterior leash clip.

Destination Trailers

Catalina Destination Series

2024 Coachmen RV Catalina Destination Series

The Catalina Destination Series offers five floor plans in its Deluxe Edition, crafted to enhance living space, storage, and comfort for extended stays. Coachmen maintains its reputation for quality with this series, targeting campers who seek a stationary luxury experience in the outdoors.

Tent Campers

Clipper Camping Trailers

2024 Coachmen RV Clipper Camping Trailers

The Coachmen Clipper Camping Trailer is designed for ease, offering a hassle-free experience from setup to storage. Its aerodynamic design and exclusive Glide-N-Lock bed system make it easy to use and set up. It features a range of convenient amenities that seasoned campers value for practical and comfortable outdoor adventures.