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2024 Cruiser RV Lineup

Cruiser RV, known for its lightweight trailers, has carved out a niche in the RV industry by focusing on innovation, quality, and value. The lineup is designed to be towed by a variety of vehicles, including many SUVs and trucks. Cruiser RV models are designed for comfort and convenience, paired with a design optimized for lightweight towing. With a commitment to craftsmanship, Cruiser RV offers a range of models that cater to the weekend camper and the long-haul traveler, ensuring customers at McKee RV, the Des Moines RV dealer, enjoy a premium camping experience backed by a strong sense of community and support. Cruiser RV stands out for its dedication to creating versatile, travel-ready trailers for a wide array of adventurers.


2024 Cruiser RV Avenir

The Avenir is Cruiser RV’s latest model, offering buyers at the Des Moines Cruiser RV dealer a luxury RV at a value price. Accommodating three or more and measuring nearly 30 feet, Avenir is crafted with upscale amenities like flush floor slides, an outdoor kitchen refrigerator, and a unique LUX Lounge that adapts from dining to leisure with ease. It features a sleek aluminum exterior with a durable tuff-coat finish, ensuring both style and substance. Avenir promises to blend comfort, versatility, and affordability, setting a new bar for what an RV can offer.


2024 Cruiser RV

The Embrace is built for leisure and long-term travel, comfortably sleeping five to six people within its 30-foot-8-inch frame, and it tips the scales at 5,904 pounds. Designed for the pleasure of freedom on the road, the Embrace is as reliable as it is comfortable and comes in three spacious floor plans. It offers deluxe features like vaulted ceilings, ample storage, and comfortable sofas with entertainment options, ensuring every trip is a retreat. The Embrace invites you to enjoy the well-deserved luxury and the tranquility of a premium travel experience.


2024 Cruiser RV Essence

The Essence model provides a fusion of luxury and practicality in a compact 28-foot-9½-inch length, with an 8,177-pound weight that makes it suitable for easy towing. Designed to accommodate at least two occupants, it’s crafted with high-end features for comfort, including top-grade furnishings and a solid-surface kitchen countertop. The addition of an air fryer oven offers efficient gourmet cooking, while the Store More bed base expands storage, making the Essence a smart choice for those seeking a lavish yet convenient travel experience.


2024 Cruiser RV Hitch

The Hitch travel trailer, a robust ultralight model, is designed for off-road journeys and is tow-friendly for lighter vehicles. It sleeps three to four people within a 21-foot-4-inch layout and weighs in at 3,342 pounds. Reflecting Cruiser RV’s dedication to quality and durability, the Hitch is constructed with an all-aluminum frame, Azdel composite walls, and sturdy plywood flooring. This new line boasts maintenance-reducing features and enhanced durability, empowering adventurers to take on diverse terrains with confidence and comfort.


2024 Cruiser RV MPG

The MPG caters to eco-conscious explorers looking to traverse the nation without a heavy environmental impact. Weighing 5,502 pounds with a length of 25 feet, 11 inches, it’s a sustainable choice. It’s light yet durable and tows smoothly behind half-ton vehicles. Offering value and comfort, the MPG comes with luxurious king beds, high ceilings, exterior kitchens, and 12 versatile floor plans. It’s the epitome of efficiency and thoughtful design.


2024 Cruiser RV Radiance

The Radiance model is where luxury meets value, designed for those who want to camp in comfort. Accommodating three to five people within a 25-foot-11-inch space and weighing 5,346 pounds, it offers king-size beds, plush sofas, and a kitchen that rivals home. With 13 floor plans, the Radiance caters to a variety of preferences, from intimate two-person arrangements to spacious, family-friendly designs with double slides. It promises a premium camping experience at a sensible price.

Shadow Cruiser

2024 Cruiser RV Shadow Cruiser

The Shadow Cruiser from Cruiser RV is a budget-friendly travel trailer designed for those eager to explore America without breaking the bank. Despite its affordability, it doesn’t skimp on quality or comfort, offering a long list of features for its price. With a weight of 4,467 pounds and a length of 22 feet, it’s lightweight and easy to tow. The Shadow Cruiser caters to a range of needs with its heated underbelly for cold weather and a variety of floor plans suitable for up to ten people.


2024 Cruiser RV Stryker

The Stryker toy hauler is for adventure lovers, offering a perfect blend of utility and luxury in a 27-foot-6-inch package that sleeps five to six and weighs 6,740 pounds. It’s designed with premium features, including a high-quality sound system, robust suspension, and an optional rear ramp patio. With ample storage for all types of gear and the solid reliability that Cruiser RV is known for, the Stryker stands ready as your ultimate adventure companion.


2024 Cruiser RV Twilight

The Twilight is Cruiser RV’s answer to those who want a light travel trailer without skimping on luxury. Sleeping over nine people within a 25-foot-11-inch layout, it weighs 5,230 pounds. The Twilight is designed for reliability, featuring a sturdy welded aluminum structure with folding rails and superior materials like Azdel composite fiberglass. It rides on reliable Goodyear tires and is topped with a Rain-A-Way walkable roof. Meticulously detailed and committed to quality, the Twilight ensures satisfaction and safety.