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2024 Fleetwood RV Lineup

Fleetwood RV is a venerable name in the motorhome industry, renowned for building some of the most iconic and reliable recreational vehicles for over 70 years. With a reputation for innovation and quality, Fleetwood’s 2024 range of RVs includes Class A diesel and gas motorhomes. The company takes pride in its craftsmanship and the spirit of adventure that its RVs embody, providing a home away from home that enhances customers’ travel experiences. Fleetwood’s commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement has made it a preferred choice at dealerships like McKee RV, the Des Moines RV dealer.

Here’s a rundown of Fleetwood RV’s 2024 lineup.

Diesel Models


2024 Fleetwood RV Discovery

The 2024 Fleetwood Discovery holds its place as a top luxury RV, offering a perfect blend of strength and sophistication. This model continues to serve as a reliable explorer, with a robust 360 horsepower engine and a Freedom Bridge chassis. It boasts substantial towing power, spacious storage, enhanced air conditioning ducts for cooler summer trips, and name-brand appliances in the kitchen and laundry areas. The Aqua-Hot 400D heating system ensures endless hot water, cementing the Discovery’s status as a pinnacle of RV luxury among customers of the Des Moines Fleetwood RV dealer.

Discovery LXE

2024 Fleetwood Discovery XLE

The 2024 Discovery LXE takes the Discovery to the next level with more power, space, and luxury features. It’s designed for adventures and enjoyable family excursions, providing ample room and stability. With its expanded space, the Discovery LXE allows you to take larger groups along. Everyone will stay comfortable, thanks to three AC units. You’ll appreciate the full pass-through exterior storage with LED lighting. Inside, the LXE offers a residential-style kitchen and dining experience, with four floor plans and several interior design selections.


2024 Fleetwood RV Frontier

The Frontier combines the best features of the Fleetwood lineup To create a premier luxury RV. It offers a solid build with ample horsepower and V-Ride technology for stable, smooth travel. The 2024 model ups the ante with chic all-black hardware, the comfort of the Aqua Hot 250D system for endless hot showers, and expansive triple slide floor plans. Storage is more accessible with French-style luggage bay doors, and the kitchen is a culinary dream with a full suite of residential-grade appliances, ensuring every journey is as comfortable as it is memorable.

Frontier GTX

2024 Fleetwood RV Frontier GTX

The Frontier GTX introduces refreshing innovations with its 2024 models. It features unique floor plan twists like the 37RT’s rearward office and the 39TA’s L-shaped galley. It enhances the luxury RV experience with meticulous details and a full suite of amenities, crafting a new standard for on-the-road opulence. The model features Fleetwood’s hallmark stability and reliability with a robust chassis and engine, complemented by full pass-through storage, three powerful air conditioning units, and connectivity enhancements like the Wi-Fi Ranger Sky Pro 4 with LTE, a solar panel, and a cellular booster.

Gas Models


2024 Fleetwood RV Bounder

The Fleetwood Bounder demonstrates how perfection can be refined with time. Continually updated, the Bounder has become the gold standard in luxury RVs, blending tradition with innovation. The 2024 Bounder features fresh exterior graphics, the innovative Adap-table dinette, durable Tarkett flooring, and MCD dual shades for privacy and comfort. The Bounder continues to offer a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary style for life on the road.


2024 Fleetwood RV Flair

The 2024 Fleetwood Flair epitomizes understated luxury, offering a high-end experience with a discreet exterior. It promises top-notch quality across the board, from its reliable Ford engine and chassis to its high-quality interior furnishings. The Flair doesn’t shy away from technology, boasting a large exterior LED TV and an 8,000-pound towing. Durable PowerLoc system II construction and standard Wi-Fi Ranger round out its offerings, ensuring lasting quality and effortless connectivity on your travels.


2024 Fleetwood RV Flex

The 2024 Fleetwood Flex is engineered to provide family trips with added power, space, and luxury. It’s designed to accommodate large groups with extra sleeping areas, expansive bathrooms, and standard amenities typically considered to be upgrades. The Flex allows for grand living on the go, backed by a robust 22,000-pound chassis and an expansive one-piece windshield for scenic views. The 34J model enhances outdoor enjoyment with an external kitchen, while smart home controls offer the utmost convenience.


2024 Fleetwood RV Fortis

The 2024 Fleetwood Fortis is synonymous with dependability, offering a powerful 350-horsepower engine and a hearty 8,000-pound towing capacity for steadfast performance. This year, it adds the Kid Kave to its array of features, a special retreat designed for younger travelers’ comfort and entertainment. Coupled with the Axxera stereo system for on-the-go entertainment, a Hide-A-Loft bed for space-saving sleep options, and smart temperature control for comfort, the Fortis ensures every journey is as enjoyable as the destination.