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Your RV is a significant investment. It needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Keeping your motorhome properly maintained will ensure it continues to drive safely, and it can prevent you from needing costly repairs down the road. If you live or work in Des Moines, RV maintenance is nearby when you visit the McKee RV Service Center in Perry. We’re the area’s leading motorhome experts.

The McKee RV service department is proud to serve Des Moines. The motorhome maintenance services we offer are designed to provide your RV with the longest life, whether you own a diesel motorhome, gas motorhome, travel trailer, bunk over cab motorhome, fifth wheel, or another type of RV. When you visit our dealership for maintenance, you’ll appreciate our competitive prices.

Here’s an overview of some of the maintenance services we provide:

Oil Change

Unlike cars, which typically spend a lot of time on the road, RVs may remain idle for long stretches. We recommend changing your motorhome’s oil and oil filter according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Failure to change the oil regularly can lead to excessive engine wear and can damage the engine. If you’re not sure when to bring your RV for its next oil change service, contact the McKee RV Service Department. We’re happy to help.

Filter Replacement

Filters such as the air filter, fuel filter, coolant filter and hydraulic filter need to be inspected regularly and changed when necessary. These filters should be checked during oil change service.


A dead battery will put a damper on your RV activities. Batteries typically last between three and five years. When you bring your RV to the McKee RV Service Center for battery service, we’ll check the battery to make sure it’s charging correctly and replace it if we determine it’s at the end of its life.


Brakes that have been properly maintained will protect you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. The McKee RV service technicians will perform a complete brake inspection, including checking the brake pads, drums and rotors. We’ll replace any worn brake parts to keep your vehicle’s brakes in perfect working condition.

Electrical Connection

The electrical connection between your tow vehicle and RV is of primary importance. The connection carries the electricity from the tow vehicle to the RV, providing the power to turn on the brake lights when you apply the brakes. The electrical connection also powers the RV’s lights and keeps the battery charged. We can inspect the electrical connection and repair it if we find any problems.


When you bring your RV to the McKee RV Service Center for a tire inspection, we’ll check the tires thoroughly to make sure your motorhome drives safely. We’ll look for worn tread, uneven tire wear, and proper tire air pressure.

Other Services

Other maintenance services we offer include a roof inspection, slide-out service, and awning inspection and repair. We can also take care of your appliance needs.

McKee RV is located at 400 1st Ave. in Perry, easy to reach from Des Moines. Call our service department at 888-509-1607 to schedule your service appointment. Visit our website for our current hours of operation and directions to our dealership.