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Used Class B Motorhome for Sale in Iowa

First-time buyers may find purchasing a used motorhome to be mystifying. There are three classes of RVs to choose from: Type A, Type B and Type C. We’ll examine Class B models to help you determine if this is the best class for you. Once you’ve decided which type of RV is best, come to McKee RV in Perry and pick out a pre-owned model. When you visit our dealership, you’ll find the best used class B motorhome for sale in Iowa.

Class B models look like large delivery vans. You may hear them referred to as camper vans or camping conversion vans. These models feature a lowered floor and a raised roof to provide enough headroom to allow adults to stand comfortably. Class B motorhomes are available in gas and diesel models. They feature a living room, a kitchen, a bed, and a bathroom with a combined shower and toilet. Class B motorhomes have less space than Class A models, and they don’t typically come with slide-outs.

Class B motorhomes are the least expensive RVs, so used models are ideal for buyers looking for an economical motorhome. Because they’re smaller than Class A models, Class B RVs are easier to drive and park, and they’re more fuel-efficient. When you buy a used motorhome in Iowa, you’ll get less storage space than those who own larger RVs. Two adults can fit comfortably inside. They’re ideal for taking trips, but they’re probably not the best option for full-timers.

Best Used Class B Motorhomes in Iowa

One of the advantages of owning a Class B motorhome is they enable you to drive wherever you want to go, whenever you like. They’re ideal for buyers who aren’t planning on spending a lot of time inside the RV. Retirees and people who live a minimalist lifestyle enjoy class B models because they can drive where they like without the need to set up a campsite.

Visit McKee RV in Perry and explore our selection of used Class B motorhomes. You’ll find models by popular manufacturers. Head over to McKee RV and explore our pre-owned Class B models today or check out our selection on our website.

The McKee RV finance team can help you get behind the wheel of your pre-owned Class B motorhome. You’ll get Iowa’s best financing. With a small down payment and approved credit, you’ll be on the road with your used Class B motorhome in no time. Our knowledgeable finance team will take care of the entire loan process and make sure it goes smoothly. Apply for your loan on our website and save time when you visit our dealership.

The McKee RV Service Department is here to help when your motorhome needs maintenance or repairs. We have the most experienced service technicians in Iowa. They can work on any make and model motorhome, whether you have a newer RV or an older model.

McKee RV is located at 400 1st Street in Perry, easy to reach from all over Iowa. Check our website for our hours and directions.